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Time for Reflection

Before I came to London I had completed a bachelor in Arts and Management, which is basically the same course as the one at Kingston University. There were obviously differences, both because the one at Kingston is at masters level and because the content was different. However, many of the modules had a quite similar … Continue reading

Imitate – not innovate?

Innovation does not necessarily entail that a product or invention is entirely new. Innovation includes combining what is already out there and known with something new or in a new way. The most permanent and flourishing innovations are those who sprung from the already existing knowledge, and the most robust ones come from a great … Continue reading

Real Men Don’t Buy Girls

Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore have recently launched a campaign whose purpose is to work towards the elimination of sex slavery worldwide. This is a good initiative and their celebrity status helps to increase the awareness of the project. However, I am very surprised by their approach to the issue. Sex slavery is an extremely … Continue reading

To build a good website

I don’t have any education in web design, nor experience from making a website other then this blog. What I do have is a great interest in design, and a lot of experience visiting websites, (as most people in my generation). I am very aware of the design of the web pages I visit. If I … Continue reading

What If Journey

A LOT have happend with the business since the last time I blogged: Before Christmas we attended Dragons Den at the university. We got feedback from experienced business people which was very useful. After this we had a clearer idea of which features of the product we should focus on. Rather than just being a … Continue reading

Pitching an idea

To start a business in this course we had to do a lot of creative brainstorming to find innovative ideas to work with. It can be hard to come up with a totally new idea of which there does not exists anything similar. It’s easy to think that innovative ideas have to be like this, … Continue reading

Design Thinking

Watching this video about Innovation through design thinking by IDEO frontman Timothy Brown, summarized what I’ve learned so far in Design Thinking and Entrepreneurship. I’ve been kind of separated from the world lately, (or at least that’s how it felt), because I didn’t have internet at home. Having to go somewhere every time you need … Continue reading

Personas & Storytelling – Establishing a target market

Persona: Stine is a 25-year-old girl with a 7-month-old baby. Her consumer behaviour changed dramatically after she became a mother. As a student with a boyfriend and an apartment, Stine was spending money on cultural events, nightlife, clothes and so on. Now she is more interested in furniture, groceries and baby clothes. Before she became … Continue reading

Frieze Art Fair

The Frieze Art Fair was a new way of experiencing art for me. It was well organized and despite the enormous site, it was fairly easy to find your way around. First I was impressed; All this amazing art in one place, all the curious people, all the artists. After a while I became overwhelmed. … Continue reading


In designthinking and etrepreneurship we use the USER-model to understand the stages in design thinking and the user in context.                           © 2010 Corrine Beaumont     (http://blogs.kingston.ac.uk/mace/files/2010/09/usermodel-corrinebeaumont.pdf) The last blog assignment was covering the user/customer part of the model. This week we focus … Continue reading